• Garden Cleanup

    Garden Cleanup: We will be responsible for the care of the landscaping and grounds surrounding your home, business or building.  Once the yard work for the early months of the spring is complete we can focus on other aspects of the yard work. Feel free to watch our video's below

    Raking and collecting leaves

    Edging and Turning garden beds

    Shrub Trimming

    First Lawn Mowing


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  • Spring Pruning

    The reasons for pruning can be grouped under the four following categories: training the plant; maintaining plant health; improving the quality of flowers, fruit, foliage, or stems; and restricting growth.

    Spring Cleaning Garden Debris

    We provide a detailed spring clean up of the garden and grass areas. We collect the leaves and spent perennial stalks from the prior years growth. We Edge the garden areas to provide a clear boundary between the grass and gardens. Bagged for city removal.

    Mulch Spring Gardens

    Mulching provides many benefits. A thick layer can suppress weed growth and maintain the moisture content of the soil reducing water usage. Adds nutrition to the soil as it breaks down. Reduces the temperature of the soil in extreme warm weather. Mulch simply looks nice in the garden,

    Garden Soil

    Adding triple mix or manure to the garden each year provides nutrients to the plants as the organic matter in the soil depletes over time. Depending on the existing quality and type of soil amending the soil in turn reduces the time spent in the garden. A garden soil which is rich in organic material is easy to work with and can be easily cultivated. When we provide an onsite quote we discus and check the quality of the soil and make the necessary recommendations.

    Lawn Repair

    In early spring it's a good idea to over-seed the lawn and repair any bare patches to ensure an aesthetically pleasing lawn is the result. Grass if it receives the necessary nutrients, water, sun and fertilizer out completes the weeds. For a healthy lawn a spring start is the best option.

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