• Flower Planting Annuals and Perennials

  • Flower Planting: Planning For a "Wow" Garden (See Below for How To)

    First we figure out what your fantasy garden would look like. We go all out in the realm of floral imagination. Be curious and try something new each year. The Local Garden centers like Sheridan Nurseries  have new plant varieties introduced each year. Different plant choices can add spice to life. Perennials come back every summer and provide the garden with foundation plants, such as Hosta's, foxgloves, grasses, peonies, astilbes, daylitlies and coral bells. They provide continuity year after year. Flower planting annuals last for one season, such as zinnias, coleous, geraniums, marigolds.. etc. These provide quick colour and all season enjoyment. An onsite visit can allow us to measure your garden areas. It's really basic arithmetic in figuring out which plants and how many. 


    When can I start flower planting annuals?"

    Always after the May 24 weekend. We do have cold loving annuals which are used for spring planting. Although the majority of annual flowers need to wait a few can still provide early Spring pleasure.