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  • Fall cleanup!


    1. One Time Visit:
    2. Weekly Visits Till the snow flys

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    We offer a weekly leaf clearing service: November 1 to November 31st.

    One Time visits are scheduled for Nov 15th and forward.

    • Clearing out annuals
    • Cutting down perennials
    • Mulching leaves and leftover grass clippings  for use in your garden
    • Raking up leaves (bag for city to remove or take away)
    • Trimming Hedges and cutting grass (last seasonal cut)
    • Fall grass fertilization

    Mulching leaves on the grass is a great idea. The decomposing leaves and grass cover the soil between the individual grass plants where weeds can germinate. Turn leaves into a valuable organic matter by mulching them on the lawn. It's easier, less expensive, and better for the environment. The excess will be bagged. In the event you have diseased plant material all leaves are bagged and removed.